Welcome Back to School!

The first day of school for students will be Tuesday September 2nd. Staff will meet students on the playground that morning before school starts. Class lists will be placed on the walls of the school with classroom teachers near their own class list to greet students who will be in their class.

At 8:53 when the bell rings, everyone wil meet in the gym to be welcomed and introduced to all staff members. Then the day will begin. Class lists will be tentative as staff determine the placement of new registrants.

For Kindergarten families please remember that your children have staggered starts and will not all be at school on the first day. Mrs. Jackson has communicated with each family when their child will begin school.

If any families ordered school supplies from School Start in June, your supplies have arrived. These supplies will be given out on the first day so that students can take the supplies home to be labelled and then brought back to school for use.

Agendas this year will be $4.00.